Student Account / Gift Card Program

Student Account / Gift Card Program
Grocery Cards…..Are A Win – Win!
If you have a student involved in a MASD music program, then you need to know about this fundraiser! Music students have individual accounts that they can use to help keep their out-of-pocket costs low. Money in the account can be used to pay for dues, instrument cleanings and service, spirit wear, field trips and other costs that may come with choosing to be involved in music and color guard programs. Some families have been able to participate with no out of pocket costs. There is literally no cost to you for the program – for example: you give a check for $100 and receive a $100 gift card.

When you purchase Giant grocery cards ($25, $50, $100) from our MMA sellers, 8% goes directly into your student account! That’s $8.00 for every $100 spent! Use them for groceries, gas, and postage stamps at Giant!

We also have grocery cards for Weis and Karns in increments of $25, $50, and $100. They give us 5% to put directly into the student’s account.

For more information, please click on the link below.


How does this work? You write a check out to MASD (or cash in an envelope) and write your student’s name in the memo line along with the store from which you purchase cards. The percentage will go automatically into your account. See account balances monthly on our website as well.

To see your account grow faster – ask family members, co-workers and neighbors to also purchase cards. Ask them to write your student’s name in the memo line!

How can you use the account money? Paperwork from the music program for dues, spirit wear, etc, will have a line for your to sign saying you want to pay for this cost using student account money. Reimbursement for instrument repairs, and private music lessons require a copy of the payment or a receipt. Big ticket items require pre-approval from your music teacher.

Families of graduates – please continue to support MMA and purchase cards. You may choose a teacher or area to donate your percentage. You may also donate it to another student to help them with costs.

To download the form to transfer your seniors funds click on the link below:


The gift card program- a great way to support both your student and the Mechanicsburg Music program!
Please take advantage of this program! Many families have used this program to further enhance their student’s music experience. Feel free to see any MMA member or seller for additional information.

To access a copy of the form needed to use your account for paying for dues, fees, trips, etc., please clink or the following link:

MMA Student Account Deduction Form

Thank you.

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