Student Account / Gift Card Program

Student Account / Gift Card Program
Grocery Cards…..Are A Win – Win!
If you have a student involved in a MASD music program, then you need to know about this fundraiser! You may create a student account at any point during your students’ K-12 experience with the Mechanicsburg Area School District.

How it Works:

  • Music students have individual accounts that they can use to help keep their out-of-pocket costs low.
  • Money in the account can be used to pay for dues, instrument cleanings and service, spirit wear, field trips and other costs that may come with choosing to be involved in music and color guard programs.

Participating Stores and Contributions:

  • When you purchase Giant grocery cards ($25, $50, $100) from our MMA sellers, 8% goes directly into your student account. That’s $8.00 for every $100 spent! Use them for groceries, gas, and postage stamps at Giant.

Example: You spend $100 on a Giant grocery gift card.
You receive a $100 gift card to spend at Giant.
You ALSO receive $8 in your student’s account.

  • Weis and Karns cards come in increments of $25, $50, and $100 as well.  These stores contribute 4% to put directly into the student’s account.

The Process:

  1. Purchase grocery store gift cards from one of our sellers by writing a check (payable to MMA) for the amount of gift cards you’d like to purchase. Be sure to include your student’s name in the memo line.  Cash is also accepted.
  2.  You get the full price of the gift card to spend at the grocery store. The store contributes the additional percentage outlined above which goes directly into your student’s account for the student’s use towards music program expenses.
  3. To see your account grow faster – ask family members, co-workers and neighbors to also purchase cards. Ask them to write your student’s name in the memo line!

For complete information (including restrictions),  please review the MMA Gift Card Program policies and procedures.

The gift card program is a great way to support both your student and the Mechanicsburg Music program. Please take advantage of this program! Feel free to see any MMA member or sellers  for additional information.

Use this MMA Student Account Deduction Form to access funds to pay for dues, fees, trips, and other approved music expenses.

Families of graduates – please continue to support MMA and purchase cards. You may choose a teacher or area to donate your percentage. You may also donate it to another student to help them with costs. To transfer your senior’s funds, please use this Funds Transfer Form