ShopWithScrip Program is a fundraising gift card program that gives 4%-13% rebates to an organization with gift card orders. Gift cards can be eCards where the purchaser can order and send the gift card to the receiver via email. Physical gift cards can be ordered as well but will take longer to receive.

Families are encouraged to set up their bank account information to pay for their orders. This eliminates the need to make arrangements to get checks from the purchaser and depositing the checks.

This gift card program does offer Giant and Weis gift cards to be ordered but ordering these through this program does NOT give the MMA as high of a return on the gift card purchase nor will it benefit the student account. These gift cards should still be purchased through the current Grocery Gift Card sellers.

Online payments will be charged a $0.15 transaction fee. This is per transaction not per card ordered. Ordering multiple cards at one time will save in fees.

eCards can be accessed upon payment submission. Paying online is the fastest way to get your ordered gift card. You can send your gift card to anyone’s email address and even set a future date to send the card.

Physical gift cards will be ordered by the program coordinator once per week. This will save on shipping fees. The cards are sent to the coordinator via FedEX ground within a few days of submitting the order. Allow up to 5 days for the coordinator to receive the order once submitted. Orders will be submitted on Monday and should be received to the coordinator by the end of the week. The coordinator will contact the purchaser to make arrangements for delivery of the physical gift cards.

NSF funds from online transactions or checks will be charged a $30 fee and will be collected from the MMA.

Here are some video links to help explain the program:

How to Shop:

How PrestoPay works:

How to reload cards:

PDF Family ordering guide:

For any questions regarding this program, contact:

Sue O’Brien
[email protected]